About BPDC

Who We Are?

The Brain Power Development Centre was founded in May 2013 under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) of the government of Ghana by youth activist, is striving for a community of empowered youth playing a leading role as educators and drug-free citizens. BPDC intends to work with the youth in our local communities to holistically address and improve issues affecting their health and well-being.

Our Vision

Striving for a community of empowered youth playing a leading role as educators and drug-free citizens to holistically address and improve issues affecting their health and well-being.
Promote safe drug use, and increase community involvement in campaign to raise awareness about the effect of drug abuse on the brain, and in so doing creating a domestic society free of drug abuse.

Our Purpose

The purpose of BPDC is to act as an umbrella and national organization for like-minded professionals working to improve the quality of life of young people with substance use disorders and their families. The aim is to provide persons with substance use disorders and their families with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.
This will be achieved by creating a platform for like-minded professionals with an interest in substance use prevention who are able to lobby, advocate and take on common project activities for the benefit and promotion of persons with substance use disorders.

Our Motivation

Starting our own Primary Prevention Education activities began with deciding that we want our friends, family members, students and members of the community to be drug-free.

Our Values

The sacred values that we place a premium are Service to the Public, Collaboration and Teamwork for the Common Cause, Adaptability and Flexibility, Participation and Accountability, Leadership and Sisterhood, Untiring Effort for Improvement, Expertise and Quality Information.
Ghana is the 3rd largest consumer of marijuana globally. The Brain Power Development Centre has helped to change this urgent situation and raise awareness about drugs in the country. Our work includes drug education programmes on radio and presentations to schools, community groups and churches. The Brain Power Development Center materials have given people hope that they can actually reach youth to make sane decisions on the subject of drugs. The information in the materials has enriched their drug messages and the knowledge they have acquired from The Brain Power Development Centre have lifted their confidence.

Our Work
Brain Power Development Centre’s projects are primarily implemented through partnerships with local and civil society organizations. This enables BPDC to further engage with government and the private sector, work effectively in coalitions, and to have the greatest possible impact BPDC prioritizes the community and vulnerable youth and organizes its work around health, empowerment, advocacy and sustainable development. We also invite on board former drug addicts to come and talk about why they shouldn’t even think of experimenting with these substance.

With members from across the country, BPDC brings the voice of the local community to the table to discuss new ideas and best practices to reduce the impact of drugs on individuals, families and communities. BPDC work closely with those most affected by drugs. BPDC represent primary care givers, counsellors and policy advocates who work in the fields of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, rehabilitation, social reintegration and alternative development. As a result, our voice and experience is essential in addressing the global drug problem.

Our Mandate

The Brain Power Development Centre (BPDC) embraces the active participation and involvement of individuals in its work. From contributing to the Millennium/Sustainable Goals to the Political Declaration to counter the world drug problem, other NGOs are a welcome partner in this global effort.
Central to this mandate are groups such as West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN) and International Drug policy Consortium (IDPC).
BPDC has a strong relationship with these and other institutions such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) as well as other UN partners and is committed to bringing forward the best that NGOs have to offer.

The Benefits

The potential benefits of knowing the truth about drugs are far reaching. In addition to the excitement and knowledge associated with understanding the effects of drugs, education adds to the general body of knowledge concerning drugs. An overall reduction in youth Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use, reduction in drug experimentation, increased school attendance, fewer school dropouts, less fear, better school and community environments.

A membership with West Africa Drug Policy Network on harm reduction services and decriminalization has been established and includes government counterparts, academic institutions, and treatment providers.
In addition, BPDC receives training and technical assistance from UNODC for establishing drug information systems and building the capacity to access the availability, coverage and impact of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation interventions, using internationally harmonized indicators and tools.

Our Mission

1. Provide key intervention needed to salvage vulnerable youth in Ghana from the dangers of substance abuse, to help these youth lead drug-free and attain healthy lives, using the strategy of education.
2. Develop initiatives to support and ultimately improve the lives of people suffering from substance abuse related problems.
3. To learn, apply and share knowledge in support of world drug campaign, brain health and youth’s empowerment.
4. To renew minds, educate communities and enhance socioeconomic transformation of disadvantaged young people through skills development for self-reliance.

The mission will be implemented through joint planning with the community and in partnership with National and International Charitable Organizations, Local Assemblies, Social Welfare Department, Education and Training Providers whose activities focus on empowering and promoting the health and well-being of children and the youth.
We accomplish this by adhering to a number of guiding principles.
• Under all circumstances, we strive to apply the highest standards of professionalism, competence and integrity when dealing with clients, others and ourselves.
• We base our activities on reliable research, secondary and primary information, thereby giving us an edge in arriving at set out goals.
• We place emphasis on providing a personal service to our clients and only make commitments that we can keep.
• As a nonprofit public benefit corporation, we operate with common purpose and organizational unity, supportive of each other.
• We have chosen to be specialists who value research excellence and innovation and therefore strive to operate on the leading research edge in all of our areas of practice.

Our Aims

To achieve a community of empowered youth playing a leading role as educators and drug-free citizens to holistically address and improve issues affecting their health and well-being, the BPDC aims to:
a) Reduce youth Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use and experimentation.
b) Increase citizen’s knowledge on the dangers of substance use.
c) Encourage participation in drug education campaigns in the schools and community.
d) Design and implement awareness campaign on the risks and consequences of drug abuse.
e) Encourage cooperation among non-governmental organisations, governments, business and other stakeholders.
f) Spread the word about the science of the brain and the benefits of brain research.
g) Support the free exchange of information of that finding to inform policy and improve practice.
h) Promote public participation in education and campaign in support of all life.
i) Provide drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation, which are based on scientific evidence and on ethical standards.
j) Promote the health and well-being of the Ghanaian community.
k) Discuss substance use prevention, needs and opportunities of mutual interest.
l) Empower the children and young people with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.

Our Objectives

The Objectives of BPDC include but not limited to the following:
• To promote the health and well-being of the Ghanaian community and empowering the children and young people with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.
• To create a common body that will advance the situation of young people with substance use disorders and their families and professionals with an interest in substance use prevention.

• To get young people engage in creative, life-skills related activities that encourage their creativity while developing their talents to keep them out of damaging activities and provide them an alternative to the streets in form of a youth centre.
• To bring together like-minded professionals who have the vision to educate, impact and change lives to discuss substance abuse issues, needs and opportunities of mutual interest; and to facilitate information sharing.
• Strengthen the capacity of professionals in Ghana with interest in substance use prevention to enhance their engagement and support for young people with substance use disorders.

• To advance the professional status, public service and interdisciplinary collaboration of Foundation for a Drug Free World in Ghana by encouraging continuing self-improvement in their knowledge, skills and practices, and a regular sharing of their successes in drug abuse resistance education.
• To discuss, develop, and promote educational and training programmes and activities that will advance the practice of safe drug use in Ghana.

• Enable young people with substance use disorders to take an active part in community life and begin to change the overall perception in society about substance use.
• Partner the state in substance use prevention policy making and implementation, including monitoring and evaluation activities.
• Mutual co-operation of the members by sharing skills, information and resources.

• To increase support for prevention of substance use that is based on science and is thus an effective investment in the well-being of children and youth, their families and their communities.
The organization train youth population of the municipality on drug prevention, peer education and leadership, and to provide information to general population by volunteering youth and also via social media. The project also raises awareness via producing and distributing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials by youth and organising trainings for youths.

Drug Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation
The BPDC strategy has so far been to promote locally developed practices and networking for reducing demand for and harm from drugs, with the aim of building capacity to effectively address emerging drug use and related health problems.
To help prevent drug abuse, BPDC gives priority to activities including life-skills education in schools and family skills training.
Treatment and Rehabilitation
BPDC advocates for evidence and human rights-based drug dependence treatment, and build the capacity of service providers to deliver drug dependence treatment and HIV prevention with a continuum of care. There has to be at least one government Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (TRC) in every region. Training programmes for TCR personnel and doctors to be continuously conducted to enhance their capability and skills in the treatment of drug abuse.
Partnerships with healthcare systems and civil society are being established. Another focus is given to building bridges between legislative bodies and systems of healthcare, drug dependence treatment, social services, vocational training, law enforcement and criminal justice.

What we can do?

Our Team

BRAIN POWER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE TEAM is exclusively incorporated by graduates, and students from all over Ghana, ready to put together a service of great repute. We are led by a team of highly qualified seasoned professionals and network of specialists involved in science research, neurology and drug control to share information on Illicit Drugs, Brain Health, Advocacy and Youth’s Empowerment through education and life-skills training as well as capacity-strengthening for development.
They lead our vision from strategic planning, training and day-to-day operations. We share a single strand vision of acting greatly to improve the quality of life across the country.

Finance: Sponsorship / Partnership

Brain Power Development Centre is financed by the kind donation and continual sponsorship of its partners and members
Brain Power Development Centre (BPDC) recognizes the need to maintain strong partnership with Individuals, Corporate Organizations, Institutions and Stakeholders in dealing with the complex problems of drug abuse which undermine the fabric of society.
The active involvement of these bodies is essential to help BPDC carry its voluntary mandates.

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