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Many children are waiting for your donations to improve their life

Thank You For Supporting Our Cause

Thank you for your interest in supporting BPDC, where any amount you are willing to give us will help make a difference in the lives of the local children. BPDC provides you with a variety of ways to donate. Simply select the preferred one for you and donate today!

There are 4 ways to donate

  1. One-off and Re-occuring Donation

    Under Projects you can simply select the BPDC project that is closest to your heart, a project that you would like to sponsor with your donation. Then follow the easy step-by-step guide leading you towards a direct online payment.

  2. Bank Transfer Donation

    Many of you larger sponsors or individual child sponsors prefer to make their donation using an international bank transfer. The details for such transfer are:

    • Payable to: Brain Power Development Centre
    • Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana Limited
    • I.D. A Account Number: 0193074495983601
    • Streets Address: SIC Building, Post Office Road, Tarkwa
  3. Mobile Money Transfer Donation

    For those interested in a Mobile Money Transfer, please use the following information:

    • Momo Name: Brain Power Development Centre
    • Momo Number: 0540488869
    • Momo Pay/Merchant ID: 459626
  4. Material Donation

    We also gladly accept material donations including:

    • For Schools – Educational supplies (textbooks, exercise books, pencils, pens, color pencils, crayons, mathematical sets, paper, erasers, chalk, etc), computers, printers, games, storybooks, etc.

    • For Hospitals – Health supplies (malarial medicines, antibiotics, analgesics, mosquito nets, stethoscopes, wheelchairs, beds, pharmaceutical products), dressing equipment (gauze, cotton wool, bandages, syringes, and needles), delivery instruments, screens, beds, mattress, and bed sheets, oxygen cylinder, blood pressure apparatus, digital clinical thermometer, weighing scales, autoclave machines, microscopes, refrigerators, laptop computers, printers, fax machines, and any other medical provisions and equipment

    • For Sports – football balls, kits (for practice and matches), training equipment (i.e. shin guards, cones, bibs, and nets. etc), football boots and sports sneakers/trainers, table tennis, and volleyball equipment.

    • For Orphanages and school children – used clothes, shoes, and sandals (boys and girls aged 7-25) and small toys for the children.

    It is always better to check with us before you make a material donation on the specific materials that are most needed at the particular point in time. Simply drop us an email at info@bpdcghana.org

Fundraising Efforts

BPDC is an NPO that relies on funding from various resources. This funding often comes in the form of grants or sponsorship with our various partners, however, funding can also come from regular fundraising activities. If you have prior experience with fundraising for organizations, there are always openings for volunteer work in this area. Bring your previous experience and fresh ideas – we would love to hear how you would approach fundraising for any of our projects! This can occur within Ghana locally, or a fundraising event runs in your home country. Fundraising can be done at any time of the year, but contact us first to discuss our areas of need at the time.