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Child Support Program

BPDC offers the opportunity to make an enormous difference in the life of a child in Ghana.Many children in Ghana suffer from malnutrition, inadequate medical care, poor housing, and have little opportunity to receive an education. Sponsoring a child with BPDC means giving an orphan or underprivileged child access to education and healthcare.

Sponsor a child today and give them critical support during COVID-19 and beyond. Child sponsorship with BPDC is an opportunity to provide a child with food, clean water, shelter, clothing, and medical care during the Coronavirus crisis. The cost of sponsoring a child in Ghana with BPDC is $30.00 a month which will cover the tuition, exam and extra-classes fees and the cost of school uniform, textbooks, and also national health insurance for one child. Furthermore, you will get the chance to be in contact with your sponsored child and receive regular updates about your child’s progress at the desired frequency.

Children in poverty are disproportionately impacted by global pandemics like COVID-19, so your sponsorship of $30 a month is more important than ever before. Sponsoring a child makes a real difference to their lives and future.

By sponsoring a child you will guarantee that their school tuition fees are paid in full and that they have school uniforms, books, and stationary. The money will also be contributed to the child’s food, medical care, and clothing.

Through sponsorship, you have the opportunity to connect with a needy child in Ghana and see the difference your support makes to their life. As a sponsor, you will receive a picture of your sponsored child, information on their family, and living conditions, as well as a correspondence address so that you can write to your sponsored child. Your sponsored child will in turn write to you at least twice each year. You will also receive publications with updates on other BPDC projects that our many sponsors and supporters make possible.

To sponsor a child please download our Child Sponsorship Form. You can also contact BPDC about sponsoring a child on email – childsupport@bpdcghana.org 0r call +233 550 587816.

Payment of sponsorship can be made in several ways. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Many sponsors choose to send their sponsorship quarterly, twice a year, or yearly.

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