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This project will reach school children in Ghana with effective, fact-based drug education. This project will keep schools and communities healthy and safe. Awareness of drug abuse and its implications will be created amongst students in Ghana. This will provide a forum for students to pursue activities aimed at promoting a drug-free lifestyle. This intervention will improve academic performance and higher educational attainment for these children.


Available statistics indicate that about 50,000 people in Ghana are in drug abuse and out of that, 35,000 are students from junior/senior high schools and tertiary institutions. (Source: Ghana Narcotics Control Board, 2014). A Drug Abuse Prevention & Education will empower students in the Western region of Ghana to shun away from experimenting with drugs. We work in collaboration with each community, school, and family to run the program that meets the model education standards. We recruit skilled volunteers.


A substance use prevention education will help students gain a thorough understanding of the health impact of the most commonly abused substances, strengthen their life skills, and to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We focus on reducing the demand for illicit drugs by imparting knowledge on drugs to different school children, dispelling any misconceptions, and mobilizing the whole community to join the anti-drug cause. This intervention will help improve school performance.

Long-Term Impact

Substance use is prevalent amongst youth. This project will empower 125 students as peer educators in the Western region of Ghana. With their knowledge increased, they will be able to lead lives free from drug abuse and pursue higher education, and achieve their full potential in society. Teen substance abuse in the community will decrease over time. We partner with parents, teachers, and the community to provide more comprehensive educational programming on drug abuse to schoolchildren.