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Brain Power Development Centre (BPDC) is making a difference by helping orphans and underprivileged children in Ghana to get access to free education and healthcare. BPDC’s vision is to contribute to a safe Ghana without poverty by empowering the younger generation and creating lasting solutions for local families to break free from the intergenerational chains of poverty. At BPDC, we believe easy access to education and healthcare is a basic human right for every child.


BPDC aims to address the insufficient access to healthcare, education, screening, and medication. School fees, materials, child labor, and long commutes to school are some main barriers preventing underprivileged Ghanaian children from going to school. BPDC seeks to help local children break away from their current impoverished environment, releasing them out of poverty by offering them quality education and supporting them in pursuing a career to make a good living while providing them with quality health care.


How does BPDC address the challenges? We identify the children in need of support and offering them sponsored access to education and healthcare, partnering with local orphanage and local school facilities to expand the schooling capacity, sponsoring tuition fees to underprivileged children, providing students with learning materials, and free school transport. We cooperate with medical centers and provide regular health-screenings and health seminars. We recruit skilled volunteers increasing our capacity & reach.

Long-Term Impact

By sponsoring orphaned or underprivileged children and providing them with access to education and healthcare, we are contributing to the prosperity of Ghana. We believe that happy, healthy, and educated individuals contribute to community prosperity, contributing to the development of the whole country. By focusing on education and healthcare, we hope to end the cycle of poverty and provide a brighter future for the sponsored children and the generations to come.